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Potwierdzenie naukowe programów Eurotalk

The Science Behind EuroTalk Ltd

How you learn

To understand how EuroTalk products work, you first have to understand why some ways of learning are better than others.

Many people believe that learning should involve serious concentration and frequent repetition and follow the “no pain, no gain” school of thought. And, yes, this method does work up to a point.

But advances in scientific knowledge about how the brain works, show it’s not the best way. Neuroscience researchers have known for some time that this style of learning causes unnecessary tension and tends to involve only one half of the brain.

The best way of learning is to be relaxed yet alert to new ideas and for any new information to be presented so that it engages both the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

The left brain (which controls the right side of our bodies) is mainly logical. The right hemisphere (which controls the left side of our bodies) is more creative.

Engaging your whole brain

A picture really is worth a thousand words - your visual memory (right brain) is in fact far more accurate than your verbal memory (left brain). So when you are learning a new language, your learning can be made much more effective if you combine visual and verbal information. This technique, called ‘dual coding’, dramatically improves your information retention and rate of recall.

It’s also the reason why spoken directions always work better if you have a map in front of you as well! And it’s why EuroTalk discs use visual images alongside new words and phrases.

Why being “involved” with what you’re learning is key

Have you ever despaired of learning by repeating apparently meaningless phrases parrot-fashion? So have we!

In order to transfer the information you’re taking in from your short term to your long term memory, the content has to mean something to you. Repetition alone is rarely enough.

It’s like going to a new place for the first time when someone else is driving. You’re far less likely to remember the route if you aren’t behind the wheel because you’re not “involved” in the same way. But, if you’re the driver – and particularly if you’re asked to take the same journey again shortly after the first trip – your memory will be greatly improved.

This is because new experiences, which form part of our short term memory, are transferred to our long term memory by the acts of involvement and repetition.

This is why EuroTalk discs test you on what you’ve learned with quizzes. These help you understand the context and practical meaning of your new language and, by repeatedly asking you to recall what you’ve learnt, strengthen your long term memory. As a result, new information is stored for longer and will be easier to recall.

What makes the best environment for learning?

As well as being relaxed, alert and involved with new information, there is another factor which makes for an ideal learning environment: enjoyment.

When we’re enjoying ourselves the neurotransmitter chemical dopamine is released by our brains. Dopamine enhances concentration and learning ability and it produces a ‘feel-good’ sensation, which keeps us motivated.

By stimulating our brains through interaction and enjoyment, we also boost our powers of memory. Our brains develop new synapses (the connections between our brain nerve cells) that in turn allow for an enhanced flow of information. It’s a virtuous circle of learning!

Optimising our learning through play is also something we do instinctively as children but, as adults, can sometimes forget. EuroTalk discs use the principle of learning through play to help us maximize our language learning potential. The discs use games, a scoring system and bronze, silver and gold awards to encourage and reward correct answers. And, because they’re entertaining, dopamine is released in the brain which encourages synapse development and so makes learning more effective.

So, our top tips for learning ANYTHING are:

  • Engage your whole brain when you’re learning using pictures, sounds and other non-verbal prompts.
  • Don’t just repeat what you’re learning – think about it too and get “involved”.
  • Above all, relax and have fun! Play is addictive, and it helps you to learn.


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